Yeah, nevermind

This blog is kind of dead to me now. In hindsight, most, if not all of my posts, have come across as whiny, poorly educated, and preaching to the choir when not ensuring indifference… basically, it’s become less a soapbox and more a place where I can throw a few tantrums and hope those somehow make a difference with someone.

Besides that, a good 95% of my traffic has, predictably, come from people looking for a definition of destructive criticism. It means criticism that seeks to provoke rather than to inform, there you go.

Terrible waste of an awesome name, though, so I’ll have to figure out something else to do with the blog. Maybe something that is actually compelling and actually draws other people.



2 responses to “Yeah, nevermind

  • Matt

    This blog would be easier to read if the text wasn’t fully justified. Try left justification–like a webpage, not fully–like a book. Great blog.

    • keethroolz

      Long, LONG overdue, but thanks for the advice and the compliment. In hindsight, I’m a bit less than impressed at some of the posts I made and did not make, but ah well.

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